What a fantastisc BEAT Ride: Strade Bianche

Sam Vinck

Today it’s going to happen…
Today is THE day
Today it’s Saturday March 4th…
Today we’re finally going to ride the BEAT Ride: Strade Bianche!

It was still raining in Belgium as we got on the BEAT bus towards Amersfoort, but my gut feeling told me this trip was going to be worth it!

First, time for a quick picture for Instagram. Today it’s my time to take over our account.

With around 130 kilometres to go, we made a pitstop at 2ride in Breda, the bicycle rental company owned by our pioneer Sjors Kloosterman. Thanks to Sjors we had enough tires to replace every puncture during the BEAT Ride. After a quick coffee, we rushed to Amersfoort!

Welcome at Mechanieker!

After one and a half hours on the road, we met our friends of Mechanieker, a nice bike shop where the custom-made bikes really stand out. Owner Tom welcomed us with great coffee! Meanwhile Brent, our intern at BEAT and today’s driver, was busy setting up our banners to get the BEAT atmosphere going at Mechanieker.

Pretty soon the first cyclists arrived. There were a lot of recognizable faces in the crowd, but also some new ones.

“Drinking coffee, having cake and getting to know each other: that too is what a BEAT Ride is about.”

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The Ride...

We quickly changed into our cycling gear, received a short briefing and were ready to go! 3, 2, 1… Geert Broekhuizen gave us the starting signal. As a group we went to a car park outside the city at the same speed. There we divided ourselves into two groups: the men and women who wanted to go fast today and those who wanted a more relaxed experience.

After half an hour on cobble stones we came to our first gravel track. It was a bumpy ride, the bikes got dirty immediately and our heart rates shot up. We’ve started, I heard someone shout.

It continued like that for another 50 kilometres. It was a great combination between asphalt, concrete slabs and gravel tracks, with a nice climb of 600 metres at the end.

Back at Mechanieker Tom made sure we could clean our bikes and with a lovely Kwaremont in our hands, we watched the finish of the Strade Bianche together.

Next BEAT Ride: Paris - Roubaix

Are you excited to join our next BEAT Ride? We’d love to welcome you on April 9th for the BEAT Ride: Paris – Roubaix, in Breda, near the Dutch – Belgian border.


See you there!