What is a professional cycling club?

Geert Broekhuizen

The last few days have been wonderful, with an incredible response. We’ve heard from enthusiasts with great ideas, received press inquiries and job applications, and been contacted by interested companies that want to know more. But obviously there are a lot of questions.

In recent days I frequently had to explain what we want to achieve with BEAT, and I often used the example of the launch of the tablet a few years ago. Why should there be a need for a device that is bigger than a phone and smaller than a laptop? What is the added value offered by such a tablet?

That is why I recognize that it is difficult for people to immediately understand BEAT. We are familiar with a professional cycling team, and also a local cycling club. But a professional cycling club? What do we make of that?

To be honest it is not really new; many other sports already have professional clubs. Both domestic and foreign soccer clubs, for example, remain when the shirt sponsors say good-bye to the club. So why can we not build a base in cycling for and by fans, making us less dependent on that one sponsor?

Obviously, there is still work to do. The plan is ready and we will continue to optimize it in the coming weeks and months with everyone who wants to work on it with us. The offer to members and partners is very important because we need to distinguish ourselves with the added value of membership.

We have a very carefully considered plan and strategy. And in it anyone can make a choice: you can look the other way, or you can pitch in and help. And we are eager to get to work with those making the latter choice during the #RoadToBEAT.

So we are very proud of the fact that hundreds of people have signed up. They are not looking the other way but are helping to build a stronger sport. And helping to promote the club structure so that in the foreseeable future it will seem like the most normal thing in the world, as the tablet is now.