What's in it for our pioneers?

BEAT Cycling Club

We would like to reiterate that this would not have been possible without your help, as a pioneer! Through your support and trust we have made this possible and now BEAT launches her first pro-team! But what does the announcement of the BEAT Track Team mean for you?

First of all, we will guide you through the adventures of our heroes in the coming months, all the way to the World Championships in Apeldoorn, through a lot of online content from the team.This includes videos, behind the scenes vlogs and blogs, all the ins and outs of track racing, exclusive live chats with riders and more! 

Of course, this means that you can get closer than ever to track cycling, by traveling with the team to track races in and around The Netherlands, ordering tickets with a BEAT-discount and supporting our Track Team in their races across Europe! In addition, it will become possible for club reporters to report on the races of the track team themselves and through that, get in touch with the riders during their moments of fame. Who knows, maybe we will create our own hard-core fan base that will visit every race our riders start at, create our own life-size mascot and/or our own club song!

This is just a start of what could be possible in the future. We would also like to hear from you, how we can help you get closer than ever. What was the first thing that went through your mind when you heard that BEAT launched a Track Team? Or what do you want to see added to the current membership offer? Let us know! Contact us via social media, mail or put it on the ideawall!