When they come to me, they ‘get back on their bike’ and start their own #RoadToBEAT.

Jasper Tolhuijs

Pioneer Jasper Tolhuijs about his #RoadToBEAT

My name is Jasper Tolhuijs. After a career in advertising, I switched to care in 2002. Since then I have worked in many settings, from hospital care and disabled care to care for children with behavioral and psychological problems. Currently, I work as a self-employed hiking coach, and I move people on a daily basis who need to rehabilitate medically and/or socially. Working on the cutting edge of “care and rehabilitation” and “sport and movement” is a long-cherished dream that is finally becoming a reality.

Unique look at an ambitious cycling team
At the beginning of this year I joined BEAT Cycling Club. The reason is Edwin Gulickx, who posted a nice post on his Facebook page. My interest was raised immediately. A new cycling team with professional ambitions. Established based on a democratic model in which members make a big contribution to the direction of the team and what it will look like. And a front-row seat to watch the actions of an ambitious cycling team. With a real world champion. I thought that sounded like fun! It appealed to the dream I had when I switched to care in 2002.

Dreams of cycling, at the highest level
Secretly, in my dream, I wanted to travel as a physiotherapist with the Rabo team. In my experience, nothing is as inspirational as people who are passionate about doing everything possible to be physically and mentally better than they were the day before. I thought about the prospect of gaining access to the best scientific knowledge in cycling. I would ride a bike myself. Exhausting! Every day again. On the very best bikes of the moment. In 2017, I have not become a physical therapist. But with my current work, a beautiful (it’s somewhat old) Koga and BEAT Cycling Club, I’m very close to my boyhood dream.

Everyone has a #RoadToBeat
In my work, I put people in motion. Physical, mental or both. People who come to me all have an intriguing story of (serious) illness and setbacks. The road that lies in front of them is sometimes very challenging. Somewhere they have been – strictly figuratively speaking! – knocked off their bike. When they come to me, they then ‘get back on their bike’ and start their own #RoadToBEAT. They know it will not always be easy. Setbacks and relapses lie in wait. Getting back up and pushing ahead every time asks a lot of people mentally. They do it anyway. To me, my clients are inspiring top athletes who deserve all the support they can get. This is in part why I became a member, and I hope to continue to inspire these people together with BEAT Cycling Club. I look forward to this sporting collaboration.