Track Team: Grand Prix Prosejov

Location: Prosejov, Czech Republic

Date: 24-08-2017 to 25-08-2017

Club Day

Location: De Proloog, Amerongen, The Netherlands

Date: 02-09-2017

On Saturday, September 2, we invite all pioneers to join us for our next Club Day! A day full of updates, ideas, inspiration, workshops and cycling joy. The Club Day is the place to be fully involved and to get the maximum out of your membership, so don’t miss this day. More information via 'read more'.

Track Team: Grand Prix Paneve┼żys

Location: Paneve┼żys, Lithuania

Date: 02-09-2017 to 03-09-2017

The Ride: Ardennes

Location: La Roche-en-Ardenne, Belgium

Date: 08-09-2017 to 10-09-2017

Do you want to elevate your cycling holiday? Challenge yourself and push your limits? Sign up for The Ride: Ardennes via BEAT. During The Ride: Ardennes you’ll ride for three days, covering 375km and 6500m elevation gain. At the end, you can definitely say your cycling season is completed. Discover the Ride: Ardennes by clicking on “Read more.”

Track Team: Keirin Seibuen

Location: Seibuen, Japan

Date: 11-09-2017 to 14-09-2017

Track Team: Trofeu Ciutat de Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Date: 16-09-2017

Track Team: Keirin Ito

Location: Ito, Japan

Date: 18-09-2017 to 21-09-2017

Eifel Cycling Classic

Location: Gunderath, Germany

Date: 22-09-2017 to 25-09-2017

After the great success of the last editions, this year Center Parcs is organizing, for the seventh time, the Eifel Cycling Classic. The last classic cyclosportive of the cycling season, the Eifel Cycling Classic will take place the weekend of September 22-25, 2017, in the Volcanic Eifel, a cycling region that is unfamiliar to many cyclists. Punchy climbs, easy descents and beautiful nature. Because you can choose 50km, 100km or 150km, you choose your own challenge. This makes the Eifel Cycling Classic suitable for cyclists of all levels. Discover more via 'read more'.

Nederlands Clubkampioenschap

Location: Dronten, Nederland

Date: 30-09-2017

Op zaterdag 30 september wordt voor de 100e keer het Nederlands Clubkampioenschap georganiseerd. Het NCK is traditioneel een ploegtijdrit. Op deze jubileumeditie kan BEAT Cycling Club niet ontbreken. Het unieke aan dit evenement is dat dit de enige wedstrijd is waar renners uit alle categorieën (van amateurs tot professionals) samen in één ploeg rijden (bedrijvencompetitie).

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BEAT Club Championships

Location: Meewindkoers, De Nieuwe Stad, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Date: 01-10-2017

On Sunday, October 1, BEAT Cycling Club will welcome all our members to the BEAT Cycling Club Championships 2017 during Meewindkoers – a day full of challenges that will allow you the opportunity to compete to be crowned the BEAT Cycling Club Champion and take home the BEAT champion’s jersey! Will you settle it all on the bike with our cycling challenges, or will you make a final leap for the podium in the cycling quiz? Click “Read more”.

Redbull Kop over Kop

Location: Drenthe, Roden, Nederland

Date: 08-10-2017

The Redbull Kop over Kop is one of the coolest team time trials! It’s the only time trial in which every member has a different role and rides a different distance. The first rider starts for a time trial of 100km. Every 20km another team member joins, and after 80km the team is complete. We’re looking for cyclists to join our team during this race. To find out who we’re looking for, click on “Read more.”

Track Team: European Championship

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: 18-10-2017 to 21-10-2017

Wielerpassie Festival

Location: Autotron, Rosmalen, The Netherlands

Date: 28-10-2017 to 29-10-2017

On Saturday and Sunday, October 28 and 29, the second edition of WielerPassie Festival will take place. During this large cycling festival, there will be a pro cyclo-cross race, a cycling fair and also our own Club Day. Click on “Read more” to discover more.

Club Day

Location: Autotron, Rosmalen, The Netherlands

Date: 28-10-2017

On Saturday, October 28, we invite all pioneers to our next Club Day! In the morning we invite you to join us for a nice start to the day. You’ll get a coffee and meet the other club members. A visit to the cycling fair cannot be missed. Click on “Read more” to discover more!

Track Team: World Cup Pruszków

Location: Prusków, Poland

Date: 03-11-2017 to 05-11-2017

Track Team: World Cup Manchester

Location: Manchester, England

Date: 10-11-2017 to 12-11-2017

Track Team: Dutch Championship Team Sprint

Location: Apeldoorn, Nederland

Date: 19-11-2017

Track Team: Dutch Championships

Location: Alkmaar, Nederland

Date: 27-12-2017 to 30-12-2017

Sixdays Rotterdam

Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 04-01-2018 to 09-01-2018

From January 4 to 9, the world’s most famous track riders will once again fly around the temporary track in the Ahoy during the Six Days of Rotterdam. BEAT Cycling Club wouldn’t miss this annual cycling festival. We’d love to see you on one of these days for an evening full of cycling, excitement and entertainment. The familiar BEAT booth can be found on the first ring. Click on “Read more” for info and member tickets.

Member evening Sixday Rotterdam

Location: Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Date: 06-01-2018

During the Six Day, on Saturday, January 6, BEAT will organize the first Club Day of the year. Are you, as a member of BEAT, coming to this great cycling festival?


Location: Kortrijk Xpo, Kortrijk, Belgium

Date: 19-01-2018 to 20-01-2018

From January 19 to 21, 2018, thousands of cycling fans will head to the Kortrijk Expo for the biggest bike fair in Belgium. New bikes, new accessories and lots of entertainment – the ingredients of Velofollies! Like last year, the fair is again completely sold out. With more than 300 exhibitors, you won’t get bored! Are you coming to Velofollies? We invite you to stop by and see us from January 19 to 21 at the familiar BEAT booth.

Track Team: World Championships

Location: Apeldoorn, Nederland

Date: 01-03-2018 to 04-03-2018


Location: Jaarsbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Date: 02-03-2018 to 04-03-2018

Bike MOTION is back. You’re used to visiting the biggest cycling fair in the Benelux in the autumn. This year, Bike MOTION is moving to the spring, the period when you also get back on your bike. At Bike MOTION, you’ll find the latest tech news, bikes and so much more. Are you coming to Bike MOTION? We invite you to stop by and see us from March 2 to 4 at the familiar BEAT booth.