Why BEAT Cycling Club?
Read about this on the about us page.

What’s the meaning of BEAT?
BEAT refers to “heartbeat” (health) and “to beat” (competition). 

Who are the founders?
BEAT Cycling Club is an initiative of Geert Broekhuizen, Bobbie Traksel, Theo Maucher and Rebel.

What is the structure of BEAT Cycling Club?
BEAT Cycling Club IVZW is an international association based in Belgium. All BEAT Cycling Club pioneers are members of this association. 

De administration of the memberships is handled by:
BEAT Cycling B.V.
Wijnhaven 23
3011 WH Rotterdam
KVK nummer: 66422434
BTW nummer: NL856546008B01

What is the #RoadToBEAT?
The #RoadToBEAT launched in October 2016 and tells about the adventure of changing the sport of cycling forever, together with our members. It tells about the successes we celebrate and the difficulties we overcome. In the first year of BEAT Cycling Club, we are building the club with our pioneers. But we aren’t finished – far from it! The #RoadToBEAT continues during the further expansion of the club. Together with our members we are working hard to lay the foundation for a beautiful future for the sport of cycling. 

How can I reach you?
Most questions can be found in our FAQ. If your question is not answered there, you can reach us via the contact page


What is the difference between supporters and pioneers?
Our community consists of supporters and pioneers. Supporters can register for free via the website so they are kept up-to-date on all the activities within the club. Pioneers are members of BEAT and pay a yearly contribution. In exchange, they can enjoy all the membership benefits, receive the club jersey and be invited to lots of events, spread over the full cycling calendar. Discover the full membership for pioneers here

What are the conditions to become a supporter or pioneer?
On our website you can sign up as a supporter with a valid email address.To become a pioneer you can sign up via the registration form. Afterward, you will be asked to pay the contribution. Different payment methods are possible. Do you need help?

Can I as an underage person also become a BEAT supporter or pioneer?
Yes, we welcome everyone in our club! However, minors do need permission from a parent, guardian or supervisor. 

What benefits will I enjoy as a BEAT Cycling Club member?
By paying the contribution, you receive the full benefits that come with your membership. We will also use some of this contribution for the further development and expansion of BEAT Cycling Club. 

How and when do I pay my contribution as a pioneer?
After signing up via the website, you will be asked to pay the contribution. 

Can I become a supporter or pioneer at any time?
You can become a supporter or pioneer whenever you like. The pioneer membership runs for 12 months from the moment you sign-up. We will send you a well-timed reminder before the end of your membership term including an offer to stay member for another year, to fully profit from all your membership benefits for another year. 

How and when can I cancel my membership? 

Pioneers stay member untill active termination. You can terminate your membership at any moment, until the last month of your membership term starts, about which we will send you a well-timed reminder. After your termination you can still profit from all your membership benefits until your 12 month membership period ends.  


Where do I meet other members?
Our members enjoy spending time together. That’s why we organize lots of events like our own Club Days, clinics and workshops. We are also present at different expos, fairs and cycling-related events. 

How can I participate in an event?
The event calendar will give you an overview of all the events we organize. The event calendar will be updated regularly with new events. Each event listing also tells you how to sign up. For most of the events this happens via the event page in the webshop. 

Do I have to pay for the events?
Depending the event, you can sign up as a BEAT member for free or at a minimal cost. 

Can I also organize events for BEAT?
Are you interested in organizing a local ride, or do you want to invite members to watch a race together? It’s possible. Send us a message so we can see how we can help you.


Can I work for BEAT?
At this moment, there are no vacancies at BEAT. We’re expecting to expand in the future, though, and we will post any vacancies on our website and social media channels. So keep a close eye on our website and social media channels. 

Do you think you can make a difference and don’t want to wait? Just send us your motivation to us.

Can I arrange an internship at BEAT?
We’re always looking for enthusiastic trainees who love the sport and the club. Just have a look at the internship page. Speaking Dutch is essential. 

How can I contribute to BEAT as a volunteer?
For these ambitious members we have the BEAT Lead-Out. Together with the Lead-Out we get to work actively on different subjects inside BEAT. Are you interested in thinking about women’s cycling, developing content or making thousands of cycling fans enthusiastic about BEAT at different events? Then we would like to welcome you to the BEAT Lead-Out.


Where do I find the webshop?
You’ll find the webshop at https://www.beatcyclingshop.com/.

How to I return or exchange my order?
Customer satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why returning or exchanging products is no issue. Download this form and send the product in its original packaging to BEAT Cycling Club, Zundertseweg 51, 4715 SC Rucphen, The Netherlands. We will check the goods sent to us and take the necessary action depending on the filled-in form.

What if my order is delivered damaged?
We pack the orders carefully, so there is little chance of damage. If there is a problem, just contact us at shop@beatcycling.club.

What if something is missing in my order?
If something is missing in your order, just contact us at shop@beatcycling.club.

What payment methods do you accept?
Via the webshop you can pay with different methods:

  •  Bancontact
  • iDEAL
  • Paypal
  • Pay in advance

What if the payment failed or was declined?
We will offer you support in the payment process. Contact us at shop@beatcycling.club.

How long does delivery take?
You’ll receive an email when your order is shipped. It takes approximately 1-3 working days (NL) or 1 week (BE) until your order is delivered. Delivery times outside Belgium or the Netherlands depend on your country. 

How do you ship?
We will ship standard method via PostNL or Bpost. 

Can you deliver to another address?
Are you not at home? No problem. We can deliver to an alternate address.

What if I have questions about products?
Contact us at shop@beatcycling.club.