What is the meaning of BEAT?
BEAT refers to “heartbeat” (health) and “to beat” (competition).

Why BEAT Cycling Club?
There are several reasons for this initiative:

  • We are taking responsibility rather than waiting for others to start a movement to change the sport of cycling.
  • We want to bring our knowledge and experience to the cycling world, and thus integrate expertise from other fields into cycling.
  • We love cycling and we see great potential to help the sport flourish.

Who are the founders?
BEAT Cycling Club is an initiative of Geert Broekhuizen, Bobbie Traksel, Theo Maucher and RebelGroup (Edwin Gulickx, Kees Kerstens, Jasmin Janssens and Dries van den Broeck).

What is the goal of BEAT Cycling Club?
The ambition of BEAT Cycling Club is to create:

  • A professional cycling team at the highest level
  • An active club for cycling fans, active riders and business partners
  • A sustainable change that has a lasting impact on the international cycling world

What is the structure of BEAT Cycling Club?
BEAT Cycling Club does not yet exist in the legal sense of the word. Our plan is to establish the club in 2017. The BEAT project is currently organized by BEAT Operations BVBA. This is the entity that has been responsible for all contracts and formation expenses thus far. When we actually establish BEAT Cycling Club, we want to establish a true association in which the members decide. This structure must be established when the BEAT Cycling Club starts in 2017.

When will BEAT Cycling Club be launched?
The #RoadToBEAT is our journey. We know what our goal is and we have an idea of the road toward it, but how long it will take or what it will look like is not certain. Our ambition is to launch BEAT Cycling Club in the course of 2017.

When will there be a pro team?
Our ambition is to launch the pro team in 2018.

What is the #RoadToBEAT?
The #RoadToBEAT is the path toward the launch of BEAT Cycling Club. A climb together with supporters and pioneer sponsors that will be very challenging and exciting. Together we will build a cycling club with its own name and identity, founded on different values. The most important value is that we want to be of service to the beautiful sport of cycling. The #RoadToBEAT starts in November 2016 and runs until the launch of BEAT Cycling Club.

What is the difference between a supporter, a pioneer sponsor and a member?
Supporters and pioneer sponsors support the development of BEAT Cycling Club on the #RoadToBEAT.

Supporters will be kept up-to-date during the process, and they support the project by sharing their interest in and love for cycling with others.

Pioneer sponsors support us also with a financial contribution to the development of BEAT Cycling Club. Pioneer sponsors have the opportunity to actively contribute during the #RoadToBEAT, until the launch in 2017. After the launch, pioneer sponsors automatically become members of the club for 2017.

Members are part of the cycling club, and they can enjoy special offerings. You can become a member from the moment the BEAT Cycling Club is launched in 2017.

What are the conditions for becoming a BEAT supporter or pioneer sponsor?
On our website you can sign up as a supporter with a valid email address. Pioneer sponsors will be asked to pay the required fee. There are several payment methods available.

Can I as an underage person also become a BEAT supporter or pioneer sponsor?
Yes, everybody is welcome!

What benefits will I enjoy as a BEAT Cycling Club member?
The benefits and offerings for fans, cyclists and companies will be further developed in the coming weeks.

How do I help with a financial contribution as a pioneer sponsor?
As a pioneer sponsor you commit yourself to contribute financially to the launch and development of BEAT Cycling Club and the pro team.

Will I get my money back if we fail to establish the club through the #RoadToBEAT?

As a pioneer you are supporting the #RoadToBEAT financially. Part of the #RoadToBEAT is the big question mark whether we – BEAT staff, pioneers and partners together – can succeed in collecting enough funding to establish the club in 2017 and launch the pro team in 2018. Your support as a pioneer is intended to be part of the experience as we co-create this adventure. It is emphatically not “payment” for a membership that is refundable if the adventure unexpectedly does not succeed. Of course, we are confident that we will succeed, but we can’t provide any guarantees, and that makes the #RoadToBEAT just that little bit more exciting!

How and when do I make my contribution as a pioneer sponsor?
After your registration on the website you will be asked to make the required contribution.

When can I become a supporter or pioneer sponsor?
During the #RoadToBEAT you can sign up at any time as a supporter or pioneer sponsor. After the launch of BEAT Cycling Club it is only possible to join as a member. If you are a pioneer sponsor you will become a member automatically for the year 2017.

Where can I meet other BEAT pioneer sponsors?
Pioneer sponsors are welcome at our brainstorming sessions, BEAT events and BEAT rides. We will inform you via updates and our calendar.

How can I help as a volunteer?
Volunteers can sign up on our website on the condition that they are already pioneer sponsors. You can register on the contact page.

How do I join a BEAT ride?
BEAT rides are open to all pioneer sponsors. You will need to bring a bike and equipment yourself. Wearing a helmet is mandatory, and some riding experience is necessary.

How and when can I cancel my membership?
Pioneer sponsors automatically become members of BEAT Cycling Club, and they will be members until the end of 2017. At that time, you can cancel or renew your membership.

Can I work for BEAT Cycling Club?

At this moment, there are no vacancies at BEAT. We’re expecting to expand in the future, though, and we will post any vacancies on our website and social media. So keep a close eye on our website and social media channels.

How can I reach you?
You can reach us via:
WhatsApp: +32 4 88 02 69 75
Email: question@beatcycling.club
Facebook: BEAT Cycling Club
Twitter: @beatcyclingclub 

How can I ask a question?
Many questions can be found in this FAQ list. If your question is not on the list, you can contact us via:
WhatsApp: +32 4 88 02 69 75
Email: question@beatcycling.club