At TDE for the website

BEAT Cycling Club

Today is an exciting day! At nine o’clock in the morning we are at TDE (Sports Marketing & Technology) to discuss the first ideas for the BEAT website. TDE presents the first plans for the website, and their motto is “A revolutionary concept deserves a revolutionary website.” We could not agree more.

Today we will have a look at the first ideas for the website, devised by TDE. At the office in Eindhoven, Geert and Sam meet with Edwin, who is (as usual) already working hard with a hot cup of coffee next to him. After some small talk the TDE team arrives. Six young guys have been working all week to be able to show us the first version of the website today. We all take our places in the Red Bull room, and when we see the website we realize that their words were true. “A revolutionary concept,” “never seen before” and “unique.” They were right and it left us speechless!