BEAT Bike & Helmet

BEAT Cycling Club

There is still one thing missing on the website: good images of the BEAT bike and helmet. We meet with Hugo, who is the owner of Reclamebeesten and very passionate about promotional materials and corporate design.

To create spectacular visual materials, we need a rider and equipment. Our ambassador, Piotr Havik, serves as our model today. He brings his own bike and helmet because we don’t yet have the official BEAT versions. Hugo gives the bike, helmet and even Piotr’s glasses a great BEAT look and feel.

But first we meet him at his atelier, or “playground,” as he likes to call the room. The bicycle is placed on its side on the ground and wrapped in the BEAT colors. All the details are carefully finished, and after an hour we see a gorgeous BEAT bike and helmet. We are ready to shoot some beautiful pictures!