Business session in Rotterdam

BEAT Cycling Club

Today is the day we present our final plan to the development partners and stakeholders during a business session in Rotterdam. All very exciting.

Shortly after noon the first guests arrive and enter the Rebel office. Alternating between Geert and Edwin, and Bobbie as our ambassador, we share our story. During our presentation we see many people nodding affirmatively, which gives us the feeling that they are pleasantly surprised. And that also emerges during the networking session afterward. One of our partners said it is a “brilliant plan with enormous potential.” Thanks to this session, several new potential partners sign up today.

Sessions like these are very important for us because they always lead to new insights, inspiration and ideas. In addition, they give us the opportunity to speak with all our partners at once and to meet new potential partners, and for them to meet each other. We will continue to organize these meetings.