Developing the proposition

BEAT Cycling Club

Over the course of 2016, we have found out that a well-known adage also applies to us. Developing a revolutionary new idea is 20% inspiration and 80% perspiration. We really have to work hard to give actual meaning to the vision we presented in April.

In 2016 we have had many sessions with interested parties and our project team to build out our plans. The sessions always resulted in a wall filled with Post-its and pieces of paper. The wildest ideas always got a spot on the wall. We also discussed practical matters, such as how to assist ambitious cyclists in our club, what defines talent and how a pro team works.

Rebel is currently building a business model for BEAT Cycling Club with a multiyear financial plan, including possible scenarios. In a separate project group we are thinking about the legal structure. We have decided that we want an international club with members. The establishment of this association is planned for the beginning of 2017, so we still have some time to talk this through.

The result of all the sessions we’ve had this year is a clear picture of the meaning of BEAT Cycling Club for cyclists, fans and partners. We have further developed this picture in a business plan and several presentations. Thus, the fruitful sessions we’ve had in 2016 form a solid foundation from which we can confidently move forward.