Meeting Brian Cookson (UCI)

BEAT Cycling Club

Today we are at the UCI headquarters in Switzerland for a meeting with Brian Cookson, the president of the UCI. We are very excited as we enter the building, realizing that we are embarking on a fantastic adventure. What a day!

We (Bobbie Traksel, Geert Broekhuizen and Edwin Gulickx) are flying to Switzerland to have coffee with Brian Cookson and explain our revolutionary idea.

The UCI headquarters are located in Aigle. At the airport we rent a car to drive to Aigle. It is a beautiful road trip alongside Lake Geneva, which is surrounded by impressive mountains begging to be climbed. When we arrive in Aigle, we immediately spot the UCI building. The offices, restaurant and velodrome literally breathe cycling.

Brian Cookson meets us at the reception desk and together with Matthew Knight, “Head Road” of the UCI, we walk to Brian’s office. We sit around his desk, and that’s when we see that there is no projector available for our presentation. We realize that we are probably the first and only ones who have ever presented an initiative for the sport of cycling on a small laptop, placed on a stack of books, reports and papers.

The conversation we have is, of course, about the sport, but we also talk about cycling in general and the challenges the sport is facing. At the end of the meeting, Brian says that our project is a “very promising idea,” which is satisfying to hear.