Our first intern

BEAT Cycling Club

With the growing amount of work, we very much needed an addition to the team. So, we are welcoming our first intern, Herman ten Kate! He will support the team with his practical skills and knowledge. Herman will also conduct research to study the development of the cycling club and member growth. Happy to have you aboard, Herman!

As our to-do list was growing and growing, we are very happy to have a student to support our team. Herman ten Kate is a student in sports marketing at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He was also a guest at our business session in Rotterdam, which triggered his enthusiasm and led him to apply for an internship at our project. And to be honest, we did not hesitate for a second. With his enthusiasm and ambitious plans he is more than welcome in our team.

Introducing Herman

“I have enjoyed the sport of cycling for many years now. This started when I was watching the Tour de France. And from that moment I started following cycling throughout the whole year. I also like to ride myself, which is why I have been riding in the Dutch peloton for five years now.

“Five years ago I started contributing to the sport on the organizational side, for example, by organizing cycling races, managing student cycling clubs, and making the sport more accessible via Start to Race and an internship at the KNWU.

“Just like most of you, I want the best for the sport. As a cycling lover and student of sports marketing, I even feel responsible for the future of the sport. It is sad to see the cycling world waste so many opportunities to improve the sport. And that is precisely why I am doing my graduation internship at BEAT Cycling Club. I believe in the project’s philosophy as a solution to the problems in cycling.

“For me, this disruptive concept is what will really help make the sport sustainable and ready for the future. It inspires me, and I can’t wait to make this project a success, hopefully with much input from cyclists and cycling fans.”