Photoshoot with Piotr Havik

BEAT Cycling Club

We are now in possession of a beautiful BEAT bike and helmet, so it is time for Piotr Havik to shine! It is October 31, the sun is shining and we meet with Wouter Roosenboom, a professional cycling photographer, for a photo shoot at the Oesterdam in the Netherlands.

When it comes to cycling photography, Wouter Roosenboom is the guy. So he will be the one to shoot spectacular photo material for our website. With a small group of supporters, we travel to the Oesterdam in Rilland, with the wrapped bike and helmet in the trunk of the car.

The Oesterdam is known for its beautiful surroundings. On sunny days it is almost idyllic. However, in bad weather this location can be horrible for riders. Fortunately, the sun is shining today. The fishermen are walking along the dike with their buckets, and Piotr is riding in his BEAT outfit on the BEAT bike, which creates a wonderful scene for the photo shoot.

We drive a little faster than the speed limit allows (don’t tell anyone) to capture the perfect shot. Piotr, the daredevil, and Wouter create extraordinary opportunities for spectacular images. In the meantime, an audience has arrived at the shooting location to cheer Piotr on as he rides jubilantly over the fictional finish line. A prediction of what will come? Time will tell.