Videoshoot with Piotr Havik

BEAT Cycling Club

Two days after the photo shoot it is time for Piotr Havik to shine again. This time on video. The video is shot in the countryside as he rides his bike followed by the cameraman. The result is a video full of action and emotions.

We were lucky to have a beautiful autumn day for the photo shoot earlier this week. But in the Netherlands you never know. Today there are a lot of clouds in the sky and the wind is chilly. Marije of Maak Media and Martijn of, both experts in their field, are able to capture Piotr beautifully on video.

At a slow pace we drive on the dike along the water, which is our set for the video. Once we arrive on the main road we accelerate, and Piotr starts to ride faster. The surrounding green fields of Rotte deliver stunning images. The bike flies over the small roads. “Do not try this at home,” we shout at some stunned pedestrians on the side of the road.

At the end of the day Piotr shows his climbing talents in the forest, called Hoge Bersche Bos. Are you curious about the result? Check out the video on the home page of our website.