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BEAT Cycling Club is building the cycling team of the future

In other professional sports it’s normal to have a club with involved members, an enduring name and a distinctive identity. But not in cycling yet.

Professional cycling teams are currently completely dependent on sponsorship, an extremely vulnerable model.

At BEAT we are building the cycling team of the future: a pro cycling team organized based on the structure of a cycling club. Our growing community of cycling fans and amateur cyclists will play a key role in this effort.

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The idea arises

About BEAT Cycling Club

More than 1,100 people, from competitive cyclists to recreational riders to cycling fans, have joined the club, all with their own ambitions.

We now have launched our own professional road team. This season the road team is already active on the UCI Europe Tour. In the future, we want to build further and participate in the Tour de France.

The club also has a professional track team racing at the highest level. With top-ranked contenders Theo Bos, Matthijs Büchli and Roy van den Berg, we are working toward the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

Theo Bos
What we are doing with BEAT will change cycling for good. I am proud to be part of this.

— Theo Bos – Pro member BEAT Cycling Club

2016 Members get a voice

Being a part of professional cycling

Because we connect professional cycling with cycling enthusiasts in our club, BEAT membership makes enthusiasts part of the professional sport in a whole new way.

We give our members unique behind-the-scenes insights into our own professional cycling teams. We also offer members the opportunity to experience races from within, and we help riders get the best out of themselves by sharing knowledge and expertise from the highest level of the sport.

Discover all that we can offer you, from now until the moment when we participate in the 2022 Tour de France with our own professional cycling team!

Be a part of the game

Go behind the scenes

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Experience cycling in a new way: gain access to races, pro riders and club activities. Read more

Perform better

Want to become a better athlete? With our know-how and experience in the pro sport, you can get the best out of yourself. Read more

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