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In late 2016 we introduced BEAT Cycling Club, the first professional cycling club in the history of the sport. Through our club structure, we bring together the elite sport, cycling fans and amateur cyclists in one community.

This allows us to engage our members more intensively in the sport. By giving them a voice in the decisions we make while expanding the club, we provide total and transparent insight into our actions. We offer involvement through memberships, activities and events. This approach has already resulted in the creation of an extensive, authentic and engaged community. 

The idea arises

Make cycling future proof

The world is transforming and embracing disruptive new business models. There are many well-known examples: Spotify and iTunes have devastated CD sales, Netflix is shaking up the movie world, and Airbnb has hotels worried.

Soon the traditional cycling team structure will have existed for exactly a century, but this structure has never been adapted to the world we live in right now. Today’s cycling enthusiasts demand more than that one second of excitement as the peloton races by. Therefore, this is the moment to address the unstable sponsor-driven business model of a professional cycling team. We believe that a club structure offers far more potential for everyone involved in our sport. 

Robbie Traksel
My career would have looked a lot different if there had been a club like this back in my time.

— Bobbie Traksel, former professional cyclist

2016 Members get a voice

Our focus on cycling enthusiasts

To attract cycling fans and amateur cyclists to the club, we have developed a unique membership proposition. Memberships give us the opportunity to start a long-term relationship with our members. BEAT Cycling Club allows cycling fans to be part of professional cycling by enabling them to actively participate in building the club, giving them a vote in decisions, and involving them in both online and offline activities. This also allows amateur cyclists to gain access to the expertise of the elite sport, from training and coaching to participating in training camps. 

Be a part of the game

BEAT Cycling Club

Currently BEAT is the fastest-growing cycling club in the Benelux, with hundreds of engaged members. We regularly organize events, such as monthly club days, club rides, training camps, clinics and other activities, for members and partners.

We have now founded our first professional cycling team: a professional track team consisting of five-time world champion Theo Bos, Olympic silver medalist Matthijs Büchli and European championships silver medalist Roy van den Berg.

We are continuing to work hard on our next steps: the further expansion of the club and the establishment of our professional road team, which will work toward participation in the Tour de France. 

Future cycling club


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We invite you to join our adventure. To be a pioneer with us. To be an active member of our club. Together, we are building a new future for cycling. We look forward to welcoming you to the club!

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2025 A look ahead

Where arewe headed?

  • Pro teams We are building on elite sports at the highest level

  • Active club We offer new involvement for fans, cyclists and partners.

  • Sustainable change We seek to have an enduring impact on international cycling

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I am proud to be a member of BEAT Cycling Club. I believe in the club model and I look forward to making my contribution to it.

— Theo Bos, member and ambassador