Be part of the cycling revolution

To make this project a success and build BEAT Cycling Club, we welcome partners who want to be a part of the #RoadToBEAT. Do you have particular expertise or wish to support us financially? We would like to get in touch to discuss the possibilities. By becoming a Development Partner, you will not only contribute to a disruptive project, but you will also be present at the birth of a change in the sport of cycling. We strengthen each other. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 


RebelGroup collaborates with BEAT Cycling Club because disruptive ideas fit very well with our work ethic. We enjoy challenging the establishment. RebelGroup is able to lay a solid foundation from which BEAT Cycling Club, as a new marketing model, can be successful from a financial and economic perspective. We do this by approaching partners from our network, by building network cases, by attracting funders and also by providing funding ourselves. These are the things we are good at at RebelGroup. We want to help BEAT Cycling Club by making the leap toward a new world of cycling. 

Jasmin Janssens, senior advisor
“RebelGroup & Cycling”: that was the subject of the first email in which I read the words “BEAT Cycling Club.” I am very passionate about cycling, so I was immediately sure that I wanted to support this promising initiative. Geert Broekhuizen’s enthusiasm was extremely contagious and motivated me to be a part of the start of this ambitious project. The feeling that I can really help move the sport of cycling forward drives me to put BEAT Cycling Club on the map. And, of course, I dream of being the figurehead of BEAT for all women on bikes.

Dries Van den Broeck, director
BEAT Cycling Club is a very good fit for me as I am a passionate mountain biker and cyclist. I am enthusiastically using the expertise and knowledge I gained at RebelGroup to make a success out of BEAT Cycling Club by guaranteeing financial viability and stability. We are very driven, that is for sure. To be really involved with a professional cycling team has been a dream since my youth. It’s amazing to be able to think about revolutionizing the business model behind this cycling club. Additionally, it is interesting to think about the details and services of BEAT Cycling Club, and eventually to contribute to satisfying the wishes of the club members.

Marc van der Steen, director
In BEAT Cycling Club I found the ideal project to combine my business and personal life. Personally, I am really attracted to this project because I am a cycling fanatic in heart and soul. I love experiencing the freedom, performing well and reaching places I have never been to before, and it is also very healthy! From a business standpoint, I think it is necessary to shake up the traditional cycling world in which everything is about money. And that is exactly what we do so well at RebelGroup.

Kees Kerstens, director
BEAT Cycling Club brings together two things that you can wake me in the middle of the night for: cycling and ambitious plans to make the world a little better and more sustainable. I was immediately enthusiastic when Geert Broekhuizen and Bobbie Traksel told us about their ideas for BEAT Cycling Club at the RebelGroup office. Since that moment I have tried to contribute as much as possible as a cycling fan, as an active cyclist myself and as a developer of the business model behind BEAT Cycling Club. It’s putting our motto, “no change without a Rebel,” into practice. Unfortunately, there is no chance anymore that I will be part of the BEAT Cycling Club pro team. But I will be very proud when BEAT Cycling Club launches a high-level professional cycling team and manages to gain a place in professional cycling. #RoadToBEAT


Kneppelhout & Korthals Lawyers embraces the mission of BEAT Cycling Club to use radical innovation to unleash a revolution in cycling and thereby ensure a sustainable future for the sport. What would be better than a situation in which millions of fans, cyclists and pros are involved? Just like in the cycling world, the legal profession excels at uniformity. Just like BEAT Cycling Club is being disruptive, Kneppelhout & Korthals Lawyers is attempting to do the same in its field. Let’s hear different voices. Disruptors like BEAT Cycling Club will make a difference. The cycling world will never be the same again.

Esther Glerum, lawyer / partner
As an amateur cyclist I am very passionate about the sport of cycling. That is why I think it is important that the continuity of the sport be guaranteed for teams and the careers of professional cyclists. It is time to create some distance from main sponsors. What attracts me most to BEAT Cycling Club is that the members are closely involved and that the model improves the stability of the sport. I came in contact with BEAT Cycling Club through a cycling event that was sponsored by RebelGroup. Their passionate explanation of the plans inspired me to become a legal partner with Kneppelhout & Korthals Lawyers and add value to the future of BEAT Cycling Club. We are climbing along the #RoadToBEAT and we are proud of it!

Evert-Karel Ditvoorst, lawyer / partner
As an attorney at Kneppelhout & Korthals Lawyers, I am always being creative. Helping clients reach their business goals, with a focus on continuity, is what I love about my job. As a fanatical amateur cyclist, I am excited to have the opportunity to climb alongside others on the #RoadToBEAT, a unique project! With a creative approach we will make sure that the future of professional cycling achieves continuity and becomes recognizable for supporters and other interested parties. With participation in the brainstorming sessions, clinics and other activities, you can be closely involved in the development of BEAT Cycling Club. And you are able to improve your own performance as a cyclist. These are all reasons for wanting to be part of BEAT Cycling Club.


As a young enterprise, TDE is naturally attracted to new and innovative ideas, and BEAT Cycling Club is an excellent example of such an idea. It’s a unique chance to experience a revolutionary development in the sport of cycling from close up. As a Development Partner with a passion for sports and technology, we aim to bring BEAT Cycling Club to the absolute digital top.

Michiel van Looijengoed, projectmanager
Since I was a little child I have been addicted to cycling. I am always watching races on television, from Omloop Het Nieuwsblad in March to the Tour of Lombardy in October. When BEAT Cycling Club approached us to become a Development Partner and be part of a revolutionary development in the sport of cycling, my heart started to beat faster. Since that moment I have become more and more enthusiastic, and I am itching to embrace the challenge to make a difference in cycling via digital solutions.

Lieve Sonke, art director
During my first meeting with BEAT Cycling Club I felt the energy immediately. The energy to make a change, together as a team and eventually as a cycling club. As a designer I am always looking for innovation — deviation from the traditional path, in search of boundaries and trying new things. We were given carte blanche to design the BEAT Cycling Club identity, and we were able to translate the revolutionary vision into graphic design and the online experience.

Jerome Anker, back-end developer
Three years ago I became an enthusiastic cycling fan, and since this year I have been racing competitively on the road. Becoming a Development Partner of BEAT Cycling Club is a dream come true, as it combines my passion for cycling with my work at TDE. It is impressive to experience the start of a cycling club and professional cycling team from up close. BEAT Cycling Club is a revolution in the sport of cycling that many people will embrace with open arms from their first impression.

John van Hulsen, back-end developer
I think it is fantastic to change the future of cycling also digitally. We cannot look into the future, but it is very clear that BEAT Cycling Club is a wonderful, serious and well-thought-out plan. With great enthusiasm we are standing at the beginning of a big change in cycling.

Rob Peters, co-shareholder
As a cycling fan, amateur rider and mountain biker I am very happy to contribute to BEAT Cycling Club and the road to making the sport of cycling sustainable. The “digital clubhouse” shapes the online meeting place where all BEAT members will come together. Of course, as a digital agency, we carry our passion for sports into this project.

In early 2017, we are launching, a brand-new international TV channel focusing on the lifestyle of active riders and everything that keeps them involved: equipment, training, stories, reviews and previews, food, travel, technology, and so on. In addition, we will be delivering high-quality videos that make you want to jump on your bike immediately. And that is exactly what the members of BEAT Cycling Club also love to do. Great, honest and professional-quality video material will play a key role in the communications with fans and members of BEAT Cycling Club. These are the values we share with BEAT Cycling Club, and we want to support them. We will stand together with them at the starting line of the first of many professional races in 2018.

Martijn Waldram, director
As soon as I heard about Geert Broekhuizen’s ideas I was immediately sold. Developing a whole new business model because you are passionate about professional cycling — amazing! Football clubs have been carried by fans and companies since the very beginning. They train youth and share the revenues they obtain from television. During my work at Fox Sports I have experienced this from close up. Of course, there were people who were skeptical, but that is a good thing because it keeps you sharp. It will not be easy to permanently change professional cycling. However, I am sure that if you are passionate about cycling this idea must appeal to you. As I have gotten to know BEAT Cycling Club better, I have become even more convinced about this adventure’s chances of success. I am happy to contribute to this success and provide young talents with more opportunities. 


Davr is a creative design agency focused on the world of sports. Davr was active as a designer at the WorldTour and in past years has worked for the Jupiler League teams in Belgian football. BEAT Cycling Club is an interesting challenge for us because everything needs to be perfect, as it is an absolute revolution in cycling. Davr is very proud to be a Development Partner of BEAT Cycling Club.

Davy Roox - designer
As a creative, it is my ambition to change the view many people have of communications in the world of sports. From the very beginning and the first sketches, we were on the same page — namely, we wanted to tell a story in a fresh and concise style. Typical for BEAT Cycling Club is the innovation that comes from years of acquiring knowledge. Combining this with the strong foundation of BEAT Cycling Club has resulted in a daring and ambitious project. Their method is an extension of the mind-set we have at Davr, which provides creative symbiosis.

Figures Accountants

“It’s all about figures”: out of this motto our company’s name once was born, now already 20 years ago, it is also what we breathe. Every day we are confronted with figures and numbers. This is not different in the sport of cycling. For instance concepts as speed, time and distance are expressed in figures. We are experts in accounting and taxconsultancy and we would like to contribute our knowledge to the #RoadToBEAT.

Ad van Steenbergen, directeur
Cycling is the greatest sport on earth. The heroic struggle and the suffering, through wind and rain, make it a great sport not only to watch but also to practice. But the sport of cycling has problems. The continuity of professional teams under the current business model is poorly secured, and BEAT Cycling Club aims to change this. The club has a fantastic idea to create a more sustainable future for the sport. As a cycling fan and cyclist myself, I welcome this idea wholeheartedly. So it is very nice to experience the #RoadToBEAT from close up.




Communications agency IvRM likes to support ambitious and pioneering initiatives with its expertise. The launch of the first professional cycling club worldwide with a sustainable business model is one of these initiatives. The marketing of such a disruptive business model requires strategic communications. Because we have been involved from the beginning, we hope to help BEAT Cycling Club from the planning phase through the execution phase to really support sustainable growth of the sport of cycling.

Remon Vonk, senior communications advisor
As a big fan of cycling, I would love to support the initiative to set up an international cycling club with a pro team. Obviously, I can’t just stand on the sidelines and watch. So I decided to join the #RoadToBEAT. As a communications professional, I can contribute to the positioning and profiling of BEAT Cycling Club at every stage of its existence. It’s exciting for a fan like me, but also for all the cycling talents who will get a chance to become potential winners of the Tour de France. I can’t wait to see the riders in action in the colors of BEAT Cycling Club during the spring classics and grand tours. 

DEBA Trucks

Sponsoring and supporting cycling is a high priority for DEBA Trucks. In our region, Zuid-West Brabant and Zeeland, we are active in all areas of the sport. We do this through our sales and service network in commercial vehicles. We would like to support this ambitious and future-minded plan to reform the sport of cycling and the cycling experience. As a partner in logistics, we would like to contribute to this great platform in which cyclists, fans and pros come together. 

Mark Scheffers, operational director
With my “own” cycling team we try to combine fun and performance, which works very well and leads to progression by our team members who have just started cycling. With the data we collect through Garmin, Strava and Polar we are continuously challenged to improve ourselves. In this way we realized that the sport of cycling can be much more fun that it already is. The ideas of BEAT Cycling Club appeal to me very much, and I like the possibility of having a voice in the decisions that are made. This creates a future in which we can further integrate cycling, individual riders and team spirit. The active “third half” is now also able to share their experiences with cyclists and other fans.


Aside from the fact that we are able to support BEAT Cycling Club with signage materials, we see the future in BEAT Cycling Club. Namely, in the opportunity for virtual competitions between amateurs and pros. This will bring the experience from the perspective of fans and cyclists to a whole new level. Reclamebeesten is proud to be involved with BEAT Cycling Club from the start, and we are happy to climb along on the #RoadToBEAT.

Hugo van Driel, director
Reclamebeesten and I are very involved in the world of cycling. It may be on the amateur level, but as an entrepreneurial organization we support sports projects by sponsoring them on a three-year basis. This can be an individual athlete or a team or sports club. We are very interested in the idea and ambition of BEAT Cycling Club.