A partnership with BEAT is about co-creating a revolutionary cycling club together, brand awareness, a vast and interesting network of members and businesses ánd creating brand preference. 

Why become a partner of BEAT?

  • Be associated with a radically different approach that is all about innovation and sustainability.
  • Use the impact of professional cycling through hospitality, visibility and activation.
  • Get in touch with a vast and interesting network of cycling fans, amateur cyclists and businesses.
  • Introduce your products or services to the club and create brand credibility inside the cycling community.

 Partnership opportunities

  • Partner Network
    To support the sustainable development of BEAT Cycling Club we have founded the BEAT Partner Network, where ambitious companies join forces to participate in our adventure. Via this network we spread the financial support over multiple partners and create a solid foundation together for the future. Partners enjoy a unique mix of networking opportunities, events, brand activation and visibility. Support the future of cycling and join the BEAT Partner Network!

  • Supplier & Affiliate partner
    BEAT is happy to develop a joint business case around products and services adding relevant value to our membership and our professional teams. Our club structure offers enormous opportunities because pro cyclists and cycling enthusiasts are actively participating in these projects. In this way we promote product development, brand activation, brand credibility and sales together. We do not approach only BEAT members, but the entire cycling community. We would like to discuss the most suitable partnership.

  • Team partner
    Naturally, we offer partners the opportunity to create even more impact by connecting their brand identity to BEAT and being visible on our beautiful club jersey. Partners can connect to one of our professional teams. Team partners are featured prominently on the jersey and receive unique opportunities to create impact inside and outside cycling in a sustainable way. Of course, the most relevant elements from our other partner opportunities are included in a team partnership. 

Interested in partner opportunities at BEAT Cycling Club? Get in touch with us!

Event opportunities
BEAT aims to enable cycling enthusiasts to experience the sport from within. This applies to the members of our club, of course, but also to interested businesses. We create these experiences by, among other things, organizing unique events. The revenue from these events is used to expand the club and decrease our dependence on sponsorship.

Download the event brochure for a full overview of all the potential BEAT events. Every event, including the content of the basic package, is briefly described. We will then created a customized proposal based on your preferences.

Our club partners

BEAT Cycling Club is made possible in part by a group of enthusiast partners. BEAT has already joined forces with the ambitious businesses shown below to build BEAT Cycling Club together. 


Our technical partners

Thanks to our technical partners, we can practice elite sports on the highest level. Both our Track- and Road Team is assured of the right materials at the right time.

Our development partners

The businesses shown below are co-responsible for the growth of BEAT Cycling Club. Thank to the trust of our Development Partners, we are capable to grow BEAT on a daily basis.