Cycling is a rapidly growing sport that offers opportunities at both the top amateur level and the pro level. The BEAT community setup offers partners opportunities for visibility; activation campaigns for the cycling community; and unique experiences for customers, employees and business contacts.

Below we outline the partner model behind BEAT and the way in which we are already collaborating with more than 20 partners.


BEAT Cycling Club is active in professional cycling with a professional track team that competes at the highest level and is working toward the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo. In addition, the club wants to grow with the professional road team in the coming years to participate in the Tour de France. Through the combination of road and track cycling, we are able to maintain a high profile 12 months of the year. A partnership can be highlighted on the race clothing of both the road and track teams, the fleet, and other online and offline means of communication.

Activation campaigns for the cycling community

The cycling community consists of millions of amateur cyclists and cycling fans. BEAT offers amateur cyclists the opportunity to benefit from professional guidance in the areas of equipment, nutrition and coaching and offers cycling fans the opportunity to participate in professional cycling through a wide variety of activities. BEAT offers a platform to reach these cycling enthusiasts. We work together with our partners to launch customized, innovative campaigns and to offer products and/or communicate services that have an impact on the cycling community.

Unique experiences for customers, employees and business contacts

BEAT organizes activities to motivate and activate customers and employees. For example, we organize clinics, hospitality, events with our professional cyclists and other opportunities to connect partners with cycling. We will create a customized program in consultation with you.

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Our club partners

BEAT Cycling Club is made possible in part by a group of enthusiast partners. BEAT has already joined forces with the ambitious businesses shown below to build BEAT Cycling Club together. 

A. Vogel

Our technical partners

Thanks to our technical partners, we can practice elite sports on the highest level. Both our Track- and Road Team is assured of the right materials at the right time.

Our development partners

The businesses shown below are co-responsible for the growth of BEAT Cycling Club. Thank to the trust of our Development Partners, we are capable to grow BEAT on a daily basis.