Track team

Road To Tokyo

The first commercial track sprint team in the Netherlands and Belgium! Founded with the aim to lift track sprinting to a higher level. Thanks to a commercial team, in addition to the national squads, more riders get the chance to show themselves at the highest level. With the current generation of sprinters and the further professionalisation of the sport, track cycling has all the elements to achieve top performances at the Olympic Games in Tokyo!

Theo Bos

The Boss

This season, I will be riding four World Cups. Looking at the Keirin in Paris and the team sprint in Milton, I can already tell it's gonna be tough racing at the first two world cups. After the Paris-Milton block, we have a full month to prepare ourselves before we start the Berlin-London block. That's also where we want to reach our peak fitness, mainly at the Berlin World Cup. After the London World Cup we return to training.It is still uncertain whether I will start at the World Cups in Cambridge and Hong Kong. After that, the world championships will be fast approaching, where I hope to qualify for the kilometer time trial.

Matthijs Büchli

The Blast

This season I will be riding the first four of six world cups, on behalf of BEAT. At the first two World Cups, in Paris and Milton, I won't immediately be expecting big results. I will mainly use these races to make sure I'm fully prepared for the remainder of the season, but of course I will give it absolutely everything at those first races too. Looking forward to Berlin, that's where we'll be riding the team sprint for the first time with just the three of us and of course we want to leave a mark there. I'm tartgeting Berlin and London to put in good results personally. My goals for this season are a podium spot in the team sprint with BEAT and a world cup victory in the Keirin and sprint.

Roy van den Berg

The Beast

After a summer of training hard, I can already tell that the shape is good and that the results are already looking up. My goal is to continue to improve myself over the course of this season. For that, I will have to keep on performing at the world cups. My season goal is to collect silverware with the BEAT track team and I hope that we will lead us to many victories. We are all going to try and make the most of every race and every opportunity and seeing the way that we've been training, that is very possible.

Laurine van Riessen

This summer I have been able to take part in a lot of races and training sessions. At the European championships in Glasgow I was able to show good form with the Dutch squad, especially in the Keirin. Now that the season is here, I have taken that confidence with me and I assume that silverware is within reach for us, even though I am sure that the level of competition will be high with the Olympic Summer Games coming up. I will be riding two world cups on behalf of BEAT and two with the Dutch squad. I am confident that I will be riding an ideal program towards the World Championships in Poland.

Nicky Degrendele

I am looking forward to the upcoming season and to start the World Cup in Paris. The first race of the season always makes me a little nervous, but when it's all underway it all starts running smoothly and that's what I'll be hoping to experience this season too. Riding so many World Cups leading up to the world championships makes this a busy racing season but that's fun, I love racing! My move to the UCI track team of BEAT Cycling Club gives me even more motivation because they have shown their faith in me and give me the opportunity and space to keep growing, surrounded by experienced fellow riders & staff. I'll have plenty of people around me to learn from! I'm very happy that I will be part of this team. My main goal of this season is again winning the Keirin world championship but the road towards that race is just as important. I will try to complete all training sessions and races at 100% because everything that you work hard for will eventually be rewarded. I will do everything I can to defend my rainbow jersey!

Road team

The next generation

BEAT Cycling Club’s UCI Continental road team is made up of nine talented riders who, besides their love for the sport, have one thing in common: they are all riders with a story. Unique individuals brought together in this unique team. But do not be fooled – these men ride to win! Read more on the Road Team.

Aksel Nõmmela

Aksel Nõmmela sprinted to top-10 places in the Estonian national championships and in the European championships on the road in Denmark, where he outsprinted a lot of WorldTour riders. Aksel is a great sportsman and is already in full preparation for the coming season. Read more on Aksel Nõmmela!

Alex Mengoulas

Alex Mengoulas is a young rider we have taken on from the Dutch amateur team UTWC De Volharding. He is looking forward to a great year in which he will learn a lot in our BEAT community. Alex’s big engine gives him a lot of potential, especially in the time trials! Read more on Alex Mengoulas!

Bas Tietema

Bas Tietema is a well-known rider in the Dutch amateur cycling scene. Bas has been racing for the BMC Development Team, where he has already gained experience at the pro level. His results don’t lie, either – Bas Tietema is a man to watch! Read more on Bas Tietema!

Daan Hoeyberghs

In recent years, Daan has been particularly active in cyclo-cross. As a cyclo-crosser, he obtained significant results, including podium places at World Cups and Superprestige events. His good technique and explosiveness will be of benefit on the road! Read more on Daan Hoeyberghs!

Daniel Abraham

Daniel Abraham is the current Paralympic champion on the road and the national time trial champion in the elite without contract category in the Netherlands. Daniel was born in Eritrea but has already been living in the Netherlands for 20 years now. He has shown his strength and is eager to achieve results for the BEAT Cycling Club road team. Read more on Daniel Abraham!

Danny Maas

Danny Maas is the youngest member of the BEAT Cycling Club road team. Despite his rookie status he has already shown enough talent to help the team. Danny, who has the capacity to win in the future, will work on his sprint skills. He will learn a lot – that’s for sure! Read more on Danny maas!

Nahom Desale

Nahom Desale was born and raised in Eritrea but fled the country with his wife. Thanks to cycling, Nahom is now fully integrated into Dutch society. He is eager to show what he is capable of in the Benelux and cannot wait to race for the BEAT Cycling Club road team! Read more on Nahom Desale!

Piotr Havik

Piotr Havik – who has been an ambassador of the BEAT philosophy from the very beginning – will race for BEAT Cycling Club’s road team from the start of 2018. After completing a trainee contract at Katusha-Alpecin in late 2017, he knows exactly what he wants and what it takes to perform at the highest level. More ambitious than ever, he cannot wait to start racing in the coming classics! Read more on Piotr Havik!

Wesley Van Dyck

Wesley Van Dyck is our second Belgian rider (and the most musical one). Wesley is not only the center of attention when he has a microphone in hand – he has the same attitude when he is on two wheels! Read more on Wesley Van Dyck!

Coordination team

No braking

If you want to change something you have to do it yourself. No nonsense and directly to the point! Meet the Coordination Team. Our people think outside the box with a rebellious side. From fighters who deliver the brainwork, providing us with advice, to members having their own role in BEAT Cycling Club's success. That's how it should be, having a fighting spirit that connects us all within the club.

Edwin Gulickx

I have been a passionate cyclist since my childhood. My dream is to permanently change the professional cycling scene together with other cycling enthusiasts. Together we will create a revolutionary club that will participate in the Tour de France. As a financial economist at Rebel I have an especially strong understanding of strategic, managerial and financial issues – knowledge that I would like to use to make BEAT Cycling Club successful.

Geert Broekhuizen

As a marketing and communications manager for several teams in recent years, I learned about the cycling world from the inside. Professional cycling teams’ continuity currently depends entirely on main sponsors, and for the further development of the sport this must change. I would like to contribute together with other enthusiasts to the revolution and organize a team in a different way: creating a club with its own identity and involvement of members, and allowing cyclists, cycling fans and the business world to experience cycling at the highest level from within.

Herman ten Kate

I’ve been quite active in cycling in recent years – as a rider, but especially in the coordination and organization of races, and particularly in making races accessible. My goal was always to make sure riders of all levels could become better or enjoy the sport more. I’m continuing to pursue that goal at BEAT Cycling Club. The club structure of BEAT is, in my opinion, the best way to help professional cycling and also to allow all members and partners to get the most out of the sport.

Roy van Damme

Since my childhood I’ve been a cycling fan, watching all the classics and Tours on television. After my first introduction to BEAT, I was sold. What an amazing concept to change the sport into a sustainable structure. I want to make a big success of BEAT Cycling Club and will use my experience with major sporting events to do so. Let’s change the world of cycling together with a big and engaged community.

Sam Vinck

My ambition has always been to make a difference in professional cycling – not only to play a supporting role but also to help the sport really change. With the new club model, commitment and long-term vision, we are creating an offering for cyclists, fans and businesses. With my knowledge and experience in the hospitality world (hotel management), I can direct my energy toward developing this. Be disobliging? (rebels) Yes please!

Support team

The coordination team is supported daily by an enthusiastic group of employees. Thanks to their fantastic work we make sure BEAT Cycling Club reaches a higher level on a daily basis and that special projects are completed and delivered successfully.

Dries van den Broeck
Filip Verhofsté
Herman van Tilburg
Jasmin Janssens
Lars Sorensen
Niels de Waard
Niels van Campen
Pascal Emens
Serge Cornelus
Max van Gils 

Performance team

Sportive knowledge

Keen on supporting both teams of BEAT on sportive level. Meet our sportive staff. Part of the club and ready for the next step!

Theo Maucher

Pro team coordinator

Working for professional teams, federations and clubs I saw the structural flaws in cycling from different sides. Together with Geert Broekhuizen, I recognized already years ago the need for a change in cycling. After many discussions we’ve put our ideas on the #RoadToBeat. BEAT Cycling Club will provide the evidence for a sustainable future for cycling by combining professional cycling and cycling for all, pros and enthusiasts, men and women, road and off-road.

Egon van Kessel

Race coach road team

I am very happy to be coach of the BEAT road team and to work with this unique setup. BEAT has started upon a journey no one has undertaken before, and, as a ‘traditional’ coach, I want to find a match between these two worlds. Despite having been in professional cycling for years, I have never worked at a professional cycling club with supporters and members who come together and collaborate with us.

Tim Veldt

Coach track team

From a continuous improvement-standpoint, I think it's good to work with groups of people who think differently and do things differently. I would like to take the BEAT track team to a higher level. I do not believe that the opportunities offered by track cycling are being used in the Netherlands. I have experienced it myself and also seen many other riders. How track cycling can make you a better cyclist, irrespective of what discipline your ambition to perform is. Now the idea is often: road or track but it should be one sport, to strengthen each other.

Wilbert Broekhuizen

Trainer road team

As an former (elite) athlete with a background in human movement sciences and coaches, I coach the road team during training sessions around and during the season. I bring scientific insights into the practice of the athlete. I try to find out how the athlete thinks, lives and prepares for a race. From this process, I am going to adjust and look for the loadability, adaptation and inquisitiveness from the athlete. Doing it just a little bit different, that's where the chances are for personal growth and gain.

Ryan Ruijmgaard


BEAT has given me a chance at a young age to work with the track team as a mechanic. Being involved, at my age, in the international successes is unique. BEAT is unique. From this concept, BEAT started with a continental team. When I was approached to account for the material and the maintenance of it, I did not doubt a moment. I'm the mechanic of BEAT!

Sibe Smets

Carer road team

As a pioneer from the very beginning, I am the carer of the BEAT road team now. Since my childhood I have a great passion for cycling. I encountered BEAT for the first time during my education Postgraduate Sports Management. After successfully my education, I started searching for work in sports. Finally, I have made from my greatest passion my profession! Maybe I am the carer of a future participant in the Tour de France!

Jacob Wijnstra


From my background as a cyclist and passion for cycling, as a physiotherapist, I am going to focus on the physical coaching of cyclists with particular attention to biomechanics with bikefits and guidance on injuries. This is how the company Vélofysics has created where I can count cyclists from all levels: recreant to full prof at World Tour level. Because of curiosity to the BEAT concept, I have become a pioneer and now I can call myself physiotherapist of the BEAT track and road team!

Rob van der Werf

Sport dietitian

As sport dietitian I help the riders and pioneers of BEAT Cycling Club to get better prepared for their workouts and competitions. Nutrition plays an important part in everyday life and therefore also among the riders. How, what and when are you going to eat and drink during training and competitions? I think together with the riders and guidance to get at best at the start. In other words, know what you eat!

Bobbie Traksel


When I was 5 years old, I started riding BMX and soon switched to the bike with the curved handlebars. Eventually, I quit pro cycling in 2014. During my 14 years as a professional cyclist, I collected some nice victories. Unfortunately, I also discovered how vulnerable professional cycling is, due in part to the sport’s well-known problems. After my career I set two goals for myself: to try by my commitment to make cycling more sustainable and to try to get as many people as possible enthusiastic about cycling and get them on a bike. In BEAT Cycling Club I can combine both goals!