Welcome to BEAT Cycling Club

Over the past year, we’ve built a cycling club that brings together cycling fans and professional cycling in one club: BEAT Cycling Club. Our goal is to make BEAT the biggest and coolest cycling club.

We invite cycling fans to join us – to help further develop the club, to innovate and to become an active part of the club. That’s how we’re building the new future of cycling together!

Cycling fans are the beating heart of BEAT

As a BEAT member, you will help BEAT grow and develop. How involved do you have to be? You decide! Just by becoming a member you will help the club become bigger and more relevant, and you will have a front-row seat as you follow all the developments of the club and our professional teams. Do you want to contribute and meet with your clubmates regularly? That’s possible too! Join with your cycling group, with your friends, with your cycling-mad dad. Everyone is welcome to be a part of BEAT!


Professional cycling based on a club

How fun would it be to see your own clubmates racing on the professional level, and how cool would it be to participate in the Tour de France with our road team and the Olympic Games with our track team? That’s why we’ve established our own professional cycling teams.

Our Continental road team is active in the UCI Europe Tour and is the foundation from which we aim to grow to a Tour de France participation in the coming years. Our track team (with Theo Bos, Matthijs Büchli and Roy van den Berg) already includes the world’s best sprinters. These riders are working toward participation – and medals – in the Olympic Games in Tokyo.


Where are we headed?

We are working to create a membership that enables every cycling fan to experience cycling in a new way. A membership that allows you to go behind the scenes with our own professional cycling teams, so you can experience the race online and in-person, and that helps both competitive cyclists and recreational cyclists get the best out of themselves through expertise and equipment from the top level of the sport.

Find out everything about the development of the membership here – from the specific offer within the club today to our dreams and ambitions for the moment we participate in the Tour de France!

Become a member

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