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We are building the first international cycling club in the world that includes professional cycling teams. With us, you as a cyclist or cycling fan can experience the sport at the highest level. To make this possible, we need your ideas and support.

Our ambition is to debut with our own team in the professional cycling peloton. We will do this as a club that you can be part of: BEAT Cycling Club. Together we will work toward our first participation in the Tour de France. Will you climb with us? Scroll up.

The idea arises

Changing the game

We are introducing the club model, which we all know from sports such as soccer and hockey, to professional cycling. The club structure allows us to strengthen the fragile business model of the professional peloton by adding alternative income besides support from main sponsors. 

How do we revolutionize the sport of cycling?

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Robbie Traksel
My career would have looked a lot different if there had been a club like this back in my time.

— Bobbie Traksel, former professional cyclist

2016 Members get a voice

Be a part of the change

We would like to welcome you as a member of BEAT Cycling Club. Scout new cycling talents, participate in cycling expos, build pro team strategies with Bobbie Traksel, introduce the first BEAT Club Championships and tell us your ideas how we can make your cycling dreams come true.

Be a part of the game

BEAT Cycling Club

The club was founded in November 2016 and is currently one of the fastest-growing cycling clubs. We create more value for cycling fans, amateur bike riders and businesses through the club by offering membership involvement. This unlocks new opportunities, such as training camps, coaching and unique fan events. Start experiencing this right now and become a pioneer.

Future cycling club


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2016+ #RoadToBeat

Climb with us

Are you a cycling enthusiast who is looking for more involvement in the sport? Join us during the #RoadToBEAT to further build the club. Send us a message or check our schedule to see what events we will organize in the coming months.

Where can you meet us?

The future club

2025 A look ahead

Where arewe headed?

  • Pro teams We aim to be the coolest team in the peloton

  • Active club We offer new involvement for fans, cyclists and partners.

  • Sustainable change We seek to have an enduring impact on international cycling

I am proud to be a member of BEAT Cycling Club. I believe in the club model and I look forward to making my contribution to it.

— Theo Bos, member and ambassador

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Join us on the #RoadToBEAT as a pioneer member. A pioneer membership is available with or without a jersey. We are already looking forward to welcoming you into the club.